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07 September 2007
I find it incredibly embarrassing that I have let so much time lapse since my last entry, which was at Easter time!
We have been truly busy though. The last two months of the school year really kept us on our toes. It seems that Clare’s class had nothing but catch up work to complete, so we spent every evening completing about 3 or more hours of homework. That is insane for 3rd grade.

The summertime came and went and we are now anxiously awaiting the approach of autumn. In this area, autumn can be hit or miss, which is a shame. I would love to experience the crispness in the air and the ever present mix of fall colours. But all too often we are stuck with hot days with temps still in the high 70’s – 80’s and before you know it, the trees are bare and winter is here. But one can hope. I am afraid with such lack of rain this summer the annual changing of the leaves will be again, non existent. That is always a disappointment and more prevalent we have noticed the past couple of years.

The summer was dominated with a lot of change. There was so much going on in terms of employment changes for us, deciding on what school Clare should attend, and many other minor details that were present and needing to be worked out. It was all sorted and we are adjusting well to our new schedules.

The Catholic school was really not going to be an option this year—last year was tough, the teacher was not concerned about many events taking place, there were changes (and they were not for the good of the students)…the fourth grade teacher left a lot to be desired and we were at a crossroads wondering if it would be a wise decision for Clare to attend this year. Public school, we know, just isn’t her cup of tea. Some kids are suited for it and well, others are not. Our daughter is one of the ones who would not fare well there at all. Divine intervention stepped in and the decision was made for us—the school was closed by the Bishop for various reasons, but most importantly low enrollment and financial issues. We began investigating options locally and found a truly spectacular school which, two weeks into the school year, we are all thrilled with. It is a Classical school, teaching through the Classical methods, as they do in most European schools. They focus on the Arts and Music, which is perfect for Clare. It is a Christian school, albeit non-denominational, so it offers the religious values and ethics that Clare holds dear. She will have to enroll in CCD classes at church for the school year to get her Catholic Catechism taken care of, but everything else at school is great. It is challenging and interesting. Latin is offered, which is a huge plus. Clare is sailing right along as a star student in Latin. The teacher also ensures to print out Catholic prayers in Latin for her to practice.

We are truly impressed with the enthusiasm, friendliness and values evident in the faculty and the other students/families. Although a small school at present (50 students in grades K-8th), it is growing. And they wear uniforms so at least that is a consistency from Clare’s 4 years in Catholic school.

The school year kicked off with a return to Irish step dancing. With the commute to and from school the last year and a half, Clare was not ever back in town soon enough to resume her classes. But now going to school locally, she has returned to dance, with great excitement from her (and from me).

Greg had about enough with the pettiness of the police department the past two years. So late this summer, he left them. He has taken a managerial position with his previous company of 4 years from way back when~ a certain booksellers that is NOT, dare I say, Books A Million. We still refuse to step foot in a B-A-M. Why? I guess since we are die-hard B&N customers. He actually turned down several police jobs around the state towards the end of the summer; I just was not up for moving to those particular areas. However, he has a couple police interviews lined up in October. At any rate, he is happy enough right now, not stressed from the politics of the idiots in charge of that police department, and he is home in the evenings AND the weekends. That’s a major change after the years of 12 hour shifts from the Air Force and the police work. We are just enjoying the “normal” schedule.

I was offered, and accepted, a position with a local non-profit organization. It is a rehabilitation home for non-violent, substance abuse offenders. Here, they are able to maintain jobs, save money, attend group and individual therapy sessions, and eventually transition into the community once their six months are complete. They normally are recommended to go there during the last six months of incarceration. So far it has been one interesting venture. I am in charge of Human Resources, grant writing, special event planning and working under the Executive Director. Let’s just say I have many, many stories from my first week alone. Criminals do some crazy things, as my husband can attest to with his police stories.

And yes, we made the annual trip on the Feast of Saint Clare (August 11th) to attend 8am Mass at the Monastery of the Poor Clares ~ and for our Clare to meet with Mother Clare, again. It was an early start that morning (4am—yikes!) but Clare insisted and wouldn’t have missed it for the world.

So—life has taken a few twists and turns for us. There have certainly been some stressful times the past two months, but they seem to be behind us now. Which is a good thing. I don’t think my hair can get much whiter at this point!

Overall, right now, we have a decent plan we are working on. I am not going to divulge much information right now. But we are certainly working to get a change of atmosphere.

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