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27 August 2008
Back at the beginning of the summer, I purchased a Healthy Choice microwaveable entree for my lunch. After heating and bringing it back to my desk, and discovering it was truly unedible, this is what I wrote to the company.

"I wanted to lodge a complaint towards your Healthy Choice Blackened Chicken meal with rice medley and caramel apple crisp. I have been a regular consumer of Healthy Choice microwavable meals for many years, and have so far found them quite enjoyable. I decided to become adventurous during my last supermarket expedition and purchased the blackened chicken. Anxiously anticipating a tasty lunch, I brought the chicken dish to work with me today. After microwaving the product, I was sorely disappointed, first off, by the look of the piece of chicken in the tray. I debated on tasting it and found it to be a very odd texture combined with a very un-blackened type of exterior. I was only able to stomach three bites at which I gave up and attempted the rice medley. The smokiness of the flavour was most unappealing. This only warranted a bite and a half. The caramel apple crisp, however, was palatable, however, lacked in bite, tangyness and overall enjoyment . In short, I am heartedly disappointed."

What was their reply? Three weeks later I received a voucher for a free Healthy Choice entree and a letter stating they were apologetic that their meal was unsatisfactory.

Needless to say, I never used the voucher....

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