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25 January 2007
Seeing how I have been up since 4.20 this morning, I cannot think of anything particularly witty or intriguing to write about, unfortunately. But I feel I am required to post something, because, well... I should!

This has been an odd week, indeed. We have had some snow accumulation, very cold temperatures, and potential for moe flurries today. Up here in the mountains, anything is possible. Of course we could wake up tomorrow to 70F temps, seeing how wacky the weather has been this winter thus far.

We are on our second, and final day thankfully, of arising before dawn. I enjoy when Greg works the dayshift, that way he is home with us in the evening time. However, until we purchase that much-needed second vehicle, Clare and I stay busy on the weekdays Greg works. By the evening I feel like I have driven a million miles between getting everyone, including myself, where they need to be. But at least I can leave work earlier on days such as this, so that allows for some errand time, should I need it.

I have been busy with quite a stackful of projects at work--a badly needed website renovation is in the works and I am trying to research material for our educational pages which will be useful resources for teacher and student alike. I also have a slew of educational programming which needs to be arranged and implemented. We have a third attraction opening on site by June, and all programming for that will be agriculturally related. So I really have an assortment of themes I need to mull over and get sorted-- caverns, parade floats/presidential & inaugural history and soon forthcoming, agriculture!

Greg has officially been initiated into the Knights of Columbus. With his First Degree complete, they want to wisk him relatively quickly through the Second and Third Degrees to move him up in the ranks. This has been a decision that has been a long time coming. He has been interested in joining for a long time, but felt that with his revolving work schedule, it would not be conducive as far as meetings and whatnot. However, his sponsor (who is also his barber)pointed out that most younger men don't have time for the meetings. Most don't attend meetings on a regular basis until they are older/retired anyway. So now he is all official and I think it is awesome. It seems our order of Knights are pretty excited to have a police officer as a member, they had commented they didn't have one prior. Now they do!

Not much exciting news to tell, really. Evenings are spent tidying up, cooking dinner, putting up laundry and helping Clare with homework. Not much computer time and haven't been out and about really, so no interesting events to retell at the moment. Once we are able to get out of winter's hold and nicer weather brings forth more outings, maybe life will become lively again. This time of year always seems to pass rather too slow for my liking--January and February are not my favourite months anyhow. Getting up before sunlight and getting home once the sun is down makes one want to just hibernate with the bears!

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