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11 April 2007
I have survived Holy Week. One might think what in the world there was for me to "survive". I will tell you--lack of sleep, lots of decorating and undecorating, and being the "director" behind-the-scenes for some of the special Masses. It all went beautifully and Easter Vigil Mass, which is the longest at nearly 3 hours, went without a hitch. Except for the very beginning when the fire pot would not light, and that is a bit crucial--for it is from this fire that the Paschal Candle is lit, proclaiming a new year for the Church. After numerous attempts it finally lit!

I now have a sinus infection. Surprise, surprise!

There seems to be many changes coming about in our lives right now---change of school for Clare, change of work for myself, a promotion possibly in the works for Greg. With Easter, there is great hope and renewed spirit, so I suppose this fits hand in hand with what is taking place in our personal lives at the moment.

Other than work, school, and church related things, life has been moving on as usual. We are enjoying the lack of homework during Easter Break but that will all resume next week. I have been wanting to do some spring planting in my garden but this onslought of cold, rainy and even snowy weather has prevented it--a resurrection of a relentless Winter which does not quite want to be put to rest just yet. I have flowers sitting in my garage begging to be put into the soil, but the weather is far too nasty for that. I commented today it was dreary and damp and freezing. Where is that warm sunshine of Spring?

I hope the Easter season brings about much goodness, happiness and joy to one and all. With the closing of Lent I hope everyone remains focused on their spiritual needs and stays close to the Risen Christ each day.

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